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Alas – here are my blog-“ish” type entries that I’ve always referred to verbally as “Lori’s Stories”. My stories and shares (past, present and future) are and will be … different. So now it’s time to share in writing as I talk, talk and talk! I hope you enjoy and share, share and share!

Thanks again for staying present in “Lori’s real time” which in reality (as most know) is truly “my time” which is as early (not often) or late (more often) as it is. A very dear friend always said "If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done" Ethelyn Hirsch 5/9/07 ... I love her and forever hold her in my heart !!!

As I’ve said many times before I am motivated by you, and you and … ! I love being able to share what I’ve captured thru tooling around here and there and absolutely value the energy and appreciation I get back from you. Knowing I may have made an impression in expanding your own visions (literally) to be open and always intrigued by the streets and on paths that you travel! My mantra and my pleasure!

To begin with and knowing how my aspirations are fueled by all the people I see, meet, share with and befriend – a note received from a new one … I LOVE IT – thanks Clark!

As promised you will find below one of my favorite observations form a true titan of the twentieth century. I have this feeling that you are just the type of person Winston had in mind.- "Those whose work and pleasure are one... are... Fortune's favoured children." - Winston Churchill.

Clark Walter / 2014


For a 2nd time with an image I hadn’t named I asked for input from you and you and … so, here’s the wrap up of the 2ND “HELP ME NAME THIS PICTURE” CONTEST Sept, 2019

Congratulations to Carol Bryant and Cheech Moore, both of Chicago, in submitting the title chosen in my 2nd “HELP ME NAME THIS PICTURE” contest! Each have received signed limited editions of “Breaking News” to add to their private collections.

More ... not planning on an honorable mention, I couldn’t resist after Georgia Hammerli, of Arlington Heights IL., submitted...

“I’d like to buy a vowel!”

Bravo! - perhaps it will be a good fit for another image in the series … and thanks to the other 54 for playing the game and sharing a cumulative 71 super creative ideas! Until the next time … be well!

Note- in naming Breaking News as it was, I felt it befitting to name the above image (right)“Breaking News Silhouette”

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20 feb
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Tribune Silhouette and the Chicago Tribune Sign Dismantle

Always enamored with the beauty (inside and out) of the Tribune Tower, in April 2019, I made this now “once-in-my-lifetime” image “Tribune Silhouette”.

Having worked in real estate forever prior to photography and knowing that Golub & Company had recently acquired the property I shared the image with Lee (Golub). His immediate response “the sign is going to come down soon … sent out for a refurbishment … the new installation will be totally different.”. That news immediately went on my radar and I was on it!

Keeping me in the loop Lee connected me with Carl Brown the project manager. “We plan to start removing the Chicago Tribune sign on Monday 7/8/19. The process should take a few days”. Sidebar - the entire dismantle was actually finished in 1 full day. Of course, I was there from the get-go tooling around looking for every possible angle I could maneuver my way into, through or on!

Here’s my “Trib Sign Dismantle” Gallery

As a follow up to Lee’s mention to me of the sign and its expected new look I recently found this quote from him … online ....

The well-known Chicago Tribune sign that has marked the city’s skyline for so many decades will remain, after being refurbished and reinstalled on the new residence.” - Mansion Global

Read that publication and see amazing project images

A last share of the Tribune Tower Residences emergence- its debut and other great links, too.

Thank you, Lee and Carl, for yet another fun and exciting project to be part of! I can’t wait for more to be seen as the transformation of our iconic Tribune Tower continues! - Lori

16 feb
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The Old Chicago Main Post Office

I am honored to have 7 images showcased on the Concierge Wall in the Old Post Office, 433 W. Van Buren Street.

Since the early 1930's this landmarked building has acted as the cities watershed as the unending stream of commuters travel on the Eisenhower Expressway that flows rapidly beneath it. To this day it continues to be a reference point for radio traffic reports:

It's forty minutes from Mannheim to the Post Office." - Unknown

10 years ago I was fortunate to spend time in "Old Main" making pictures. It’d been vacant for 13 years prior to then and was clearly a once-in-my-lifetime experience! In 2016 the 601W Companies embarked on a massive redevelopment of this historic structure. Of its transformation, the new owners of the Old Post Office, share this:

"In its postal heyday the property was the largest of its kind in the world, capable of shuttling an astonishing 19 million pieces of mail daily. Though a lot has changed here...that same spirit of raw ambition will live on in these walls for years to come".

Thank you so much Lee, Brian and Jeffrey for this opportunity to share with everyone and allowing me to be part of that spirit!

Keep laughing, living, loving and stay in touch! -Lori

See images from my “Inside The Old Chicago Main Post Office, 2009" collection here.

See and learn more about this amazing project OPO here.

“What the h … as part of Kup paraphernalia wall!”
What the hell happened to the Sun Times Building?
10 nov
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"What the hell happened to the Sun Times Building?"

401 N. Wabash - the Chicago Sun-Times building, built in 1958 was the newspapers headquarters for almost 50 years. Demolished in 2005 making way for the Trump Towers it’s seen here as the Irv Kupcinet statue 1 points to the home of his employer of 60 years. One can only imagine (good, bad or indifferent) what Irv was saying/thinking as he clutches a Sun-Times final edition under his right arm while the other hand reaches out towards a newest addition to the Chicago skyline (read on please).

Irving "Irv" Kupcinet was a lifetime Chicagoan born and raised in the North Lawndale suburb. He was editor of the school newspaper in high school and later in 1935, after college graduation from the University of North Dakota, was signed on by the Philadelphia Eagles football team. Halted by a shoulder injury he easily shifted into the position of sports writer for the Chicago Daily Times. Kup also wrote a short "People" section that was officially known as "Kup's Column" in 1948, after The Chicago Sun and the Daily Times merged to form the Chicago Sun-Times.

The rest was history as Irv, aka “Mr. Chicago” continued as a newspaper columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times as well as being a television talk-show host and radio personality...


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