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Me at my framers, Peter V's.
hanger … “Dennis” CBRE
Cigna Offices Install.
11 oct
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CIGNA Health Spring Chicago “helping the helpers”

The scene – indirectly courting Cigna for years - March 2015 a call received of thoughts of their newly expanded space “it’d be cool to have one of our patients’ artistic talent and passion on the walls”.

On our 1st meeting I was immediately intrigued in the local geographical diversity of the project. Ten conference rooms, each named after different parts of our city. A perfect match – sharing my discoveries from tooling around making pictures and making friends as well!

I had such a ball taking day trips exploring locations I’d not been to before (Edison Park, Bridgeport, etc.) and back to other areas I had (Hyde Park, Logan Square, Lincoln Park, etc.). From my “look-books” of images from the neighborhoods and the city, the choices made were decisive and impactful. Mediums chosen were a combination of large canvas and metal-framed posters (36”x48” and such).

"Not only is the art work beautiful, it is refreshing to the eyes and literally energizes me during the day as I view the many pieces in the work space. "

Sonja Boone, MD, FACP, Alegis Care, Chief Medical Officer

The Cigna representatives through the entire process were a pleasure to collaborate with. Reactions and appreciation shared by them and employees were heartening as the installation was being hung. For me it was the perfect place and time.

Many more “Lori’s Stories” to come. Be well!

Me at the "Selfie Station".
The Selfie Station Poster.
The Tremont Hotel Lobby.
03 may
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The scene is set – 2/22/14 – returning home from Arizona to my high-rise condo off Michigan Avenue. An electrical snafu prevents elevator usage (an obvious problem for me with my mobility scooter) and so I escape to our local and historic Tremont Hotel for a couple days until access is restored.

Thanking Christine, the hotel GM, for their hospitality I mentioned I love the hotel but couldn’t remember any wall art in my room and maybe they should consider changing it up. As it turned out they were embarking on a “Tremont Transformation” and were really changing it all up!

Forward to 10/23/14 – Christine contacted me to provide a selection of some of my Chicago photography for acquisition for artwork for the hotel guestrooms and lobby. Bada bing, bada boom and 4 months later (almost 1 year to the day I first stayed there) 140 pieces of 15 images printed, matted, signed, framed and installed as the “transformed” floors were turned over! Kismet!

Guestrooms and suites boast a sleek, new contempoary design, all-new furnishings, carpeting and wall coverings, and a soothing, neutral color palate. Each room also showcases unique artwork by local photographer, Lori Swerdlow, capturing the essence of Chicago. -

Excerpt from Tremont Hotel Press Release

At the projects completion the Starwood Hotels (which the Tremont is part of) held their 2015 annual convention in Chicago this year. The attendee’s were to visit at least 2 of the Starwood brands and take a “selfie” at the “selfie station” that the hotel created.

Christine told me her idea for the Tremont station was to “feature your art and you as a local artist” so we made a poster for that space. The poster depicts, through the lens, the pieces chosen to adorn the Tremont walls and was designed by Matthew Wright at DigitalChitown/Wright Digital Media.

Christine was a pleasure to collaborate with having a clear vision on the look and feel she wanted to achieve and the direction to get there.

Again I thank her and am honored to share with the Tremont guests and all that see, admire and wonder – a bit of what I saw and what they might see, tooling around our great city …Chicago.

04 nov
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My friend Chang Hyun-Ki 장현기

Having sent out my 2015 Halloween pic - “Pumpkin Power”, I was honored with a return note from a then follower and now friend I met when doing the Evanston Lakeshore Art Festival 2009.

As I was chatting around my booth an Asian fellow motioned for me to come near. With a big lens and very few words – he smilingly held up his camera and asked my permission to take photos of my photos! I thought how sweet that he asked and of course I said yes, yes, yes! Being me, I jokingly added that he should contact me if he was going to do anything with the photos.

A week later he sent me a photo of my booth set up of me with my niece Shelby Sprauer and friend Ally Chan-Brazil. Through the years Chang Hyun-Ki has shared some of his phenomenal and inspirational captures with me! The most recent note and shares from Chang Hyun-Ki …

Dear Lori Swerdlow, Thank you so much for email me ! The memory met in Evanston with you is fresh. I"m active as "The photographic society of Korea" member. I send my photo. It is the street scene on Seoul. My English is not well. I must improve it ! I respect the passion for your photograph art. Thank you.

Chang Hyun-Ki 장현기
Seoul Korea

Thank you Chang, your English is fine. We will always communicate and express ourselves through the universal language of photography.

Yours truly...
The Keeper,
...and a few of many attempts.
09 nov
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“Oh, Can You See?”

A favorite unforeseen and unplanned “One of My Kind” images – of this wonderful Chicago Icon

Think of this: working/living in the neighborhood and being an emerging photographer, where would one go but the Hancock?!

So with the intent of grasping the fascination we all have with our forever-iconic John Hancock Building I tooled around my neighborhood streets looking for another "Hancock Image". I found my angle off Michigan Avenue and set up using the handle of my mobility scooter as a modified tripod (as I often do).

The moment I pressed the shutter, a huge wind came and blew the flag wide open seemingly draping the top of the Hancock! WOW!

The thing is being a newbie and finally learning how to download the images, I really didn’t find this until about 2 weeks after I shot it! When I saw this picture with the other versions that were not even remotely close to it, I was blown away (so to speak – ha)!!! “Perfect shot” I thought “I better not tell anyone where I got it for fear of anyone else getting it, too!”

After about 6 months and trying to recreate “Oh, Can You See” at least a gazillion times (and I still try every time I’m near) I knew then it was truly One of My Kind” – never to be gotten again.

I think this image and loving to share my stories and experiences was the beginning of my photographic journey and fascination. So thanks to y’all for your smiles, interest and excitement as we go there together.