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Total Solar Eclipse Montana 1979 BD - Before Digital

Total Solar Eclipse Montana 2/26/79 (shot on film of course)

Can you believe I found this print (and only this one) in my "shoebox of pictures" (literally) from 30+ years ago! Saaweet! ON THE RIGHT →

I'd taken a total solar eclipse class while at UNC in Greeley, CO. (and for those that know me along with other favs - Billiards and Skiing). A few days before the event we loaded into buses northbound to Montana (along other thousands from everyplace). It was long ago and a different lifetime but from what I remember it was amazing and a definite "once in my lifetime" happening.

ONWARD to the next eclipse in my future...

If you still have a pair of the coveted glasses and To SHARE THE SKY safely – - - consider donating to Astronomers Without Borders. They’re collecting the glasses to send to schools in South America and Asia for use during 2019's eclipse, which is expected to cross those continents.

Read more about it here!


To find a nearby Glasses Collection Center try here!

Noble Horse Theatre Arena
Demo May 2017
31 may
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Chicago's Noble Horse Theatre

May 2017 in Chicago’s historic Old Town district the last public horse stable in the city is gone after almost 150 years! Unfortunately, I was able to capture too few images of the Noble Horse Theatre’s existence and too many of its ultimate demise.

Noble Horse Theatre 2017

This livery hall and riding stable was built in 1871 where in its lobby a blacksmith shop and its tools could be found. It was a time when Chicagoans relied on horses for transportation. In 1922 and for 50 years more its riding hall was transformed into an elegant riding academy. At Lakeshore Stables people could board horses, see performances and take horses for trail rides through Lincoln Park. In the 1970’s and 80’s it suffered disrepair and neglect but in 2000 was restored. With help from a community group Friends of the Stables and the City of Chicago, it again sustained as a boarding facility and offered riding lessons.

In 2003 it began its final role as the Nobel Horse Theatre. Go here for a 2008 video tour of the stable and see the theater in action.

My photos show only remnants of this urban gem, like its weather worn wooden Coats of Arms painted in traditional colors:

  • red – warrior, military strength
  • white – sincerity, peace
  • green – hope, joy and loyalty in love

We’ll never see the likes of it again but I hope you’ll go here for some glimpses I cherish from its day that will live on forever!

The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse.”
- Author Unknown

A Moment in Time - Momentum Magazine

Betty has been part of my canvas and neighborhood for many years and my admiration of her enduring strength grows as months and seasons pass. Having survived throat cancer, as we talk, Betty “silently shapes words with her lips while the sparkle in her eyes …”

See more in my article in Momentum Magazine.

None of us, or our stories (good, bad or indifferent) is immune to perpetual change, some times waxing and some waning. So if you’re out and cross paths with one that may be experiencing the later - please give a hand in whatever way you can. I believe the help and hope you will share will be returned 100 fold.

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”
- David Alan Harvey

19 oct
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Profile: Lawyers for the creative arts

Hello and happy fall as I share this profile, created by Anna Waggenener, for Lawyers for the Creative Arts (LCA), included in the program for the LCA Annual Benefit Luncheon, to be held on Oct 27, 2016.

LCA is a tax exempt public charity with a mission to provide pro bono legal assistance to artists and art organizations with financial need. They enlist over a thousand volunteer attorneys, primarily in the Chicago area, who generously donate their expertise in nearly all areas of law.

Commendations on their website to the dedication of the Board of Directors and hundreds of volunteer attorneys …

"With their assistance, artists of all kinds are free to do what it is they do – bring color, texture and wondrous sights and sounds to all of our lives."

I trust you’ll enjoy learning a bit more about me, urge you to learn more about LCA , and show your support for their invaluable commitment to sustaining our love for the arts!. If you are in the arts, you can seek their guidance at

I thank them all, and thank Anna for spending time with me and insightfully sharing her thoughts with you, of which I am humbled! I especially love her observation of my affinity for puddles when she writes about my -

capturing … details others might miss, including rippling, crystalline glimpses of a Chicago you’ll only see reflected in rainwater and ice melt.”

Keep on keeping on and remember thru November my photography is displayed on the walls of:

Starbucks at 750 N. Franklin (at Chicago Ave.).

- Be Well.

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