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13 june
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Moving Mountains With MS.

Watch my segment on the Whitney Reynolds Show

The scene is set (mid to late 1990’s) and I met Whitney Reynolds, an up and coming Chicago TV personality. I was included in a segment on Multiple Sclerosis. Although not as commonly known of disease as it is now, even back then a lot of people likely knew someone or knew someone who knew someone who was dealing with MS (whew!). Of course I tried to “google” it from the Weekends With Whitney’s archives (if I ever do I’ll update this note), but …

Fast-forward to April 2017 (some 20 years later – seems to be a reoccurring updating interval in my stories). A call received from Whitney inviting me to be a guest in Season 7 of The Whitney Reynolds Show? Included in the show are 2 others – Angie Randall who you met in my 5/14/18 “Angies Story”, and Bryan Bickell, a retired Chicago Blackhawks hockey player diagnosed with MS in 2017.

“Each guest turned what some would consider a “negative diagnoses”, into a discovery of their bigger calling”. – Whitney Reynolds

“Sometimes you’ve been assigned this mountain to show others, it can be moved.” - Unknown

What a hoot –this video is so me visually and contextually! To the so many of you that I know do you agree-ha?! To those who I’ve not met yet personally – I look forward to then! Be well all!

Angies Story: Fundraising for MS...

Hanging "Lucious"

I first met Angie Randall when her and I (and hockey player Bryan Bickell) were invited to be part of a segment on The Whitney Reynolds Show. In “Moving Mountains With MS” (more on that later) we share our stories and insights on mindsets and our Multiple Sclerosis’.

Angie’s energy and enthusiasm is incredible as she undeniably has an impact on the direction of “our” disease. She’s raised over $53,554.00 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in the short time I’ve known her! Mid April she hosted a fundraising soiree 'Spring for a Cure' and to support the team she formed “Oscar’s Mom” for the national/annual “Walk MS” event. Funds subsidize research as well in the many programs and assistance the society provides to the MS community.

So, in finding out about the 'Spring For a Cure' I was anxious to donate a piece of my photography for the silent auction. The image I chose was “Luscious”. When Angie asked if there was anything to add about the significance of "Luscious" as a print, I immediately thought of Angie, her presence and demeanor and then some:

“Distinctive. Unstoppable - Like all of us, prevailing over obstacles placed in our way. Captured 2010 - a day in May, Chicago”

As fate had it the winner of Luscious was Beth Prystowsky a perfect match and now another new MS friend. Beth is equally as amazing spearheading a very relevant website, blog and MS resource for all.

To connect with Angie and her blog:

To connect with Beth and her blog

To see the Whitney Reynolds Moving Mountains With MS segment:

Thanks to you two for all you do.

“I actually love talking about taking pictures, and I think that helps everyone.” -AL
Annie Leibovitz - Chicago 2018
23 may
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The 1st scene was set - Dec 2, 2008, Harold Washington Library, Chicago

The energy and buzz of 650 people in the main room plus 2 overflow rooms was magnetic anxiously waiting for Annie Leibovitz aka Anna-Lou … to don the stage presenting a new book 'ANNIE LEIBOVITZ AT WORK'.

Annie & Me - Book Signing 2008

Afterward fans queued in line, some upwards of 2 hours, as she autographed books speaking with each person until the last was signed! Of course the photography was great and her stories inspirational but I was especially impressed for the time she devoted to all with a genuine smile and brief chat! Fast forward just shy of 10 years later I googled (and actually found – ha) the article below (Annie Leibovitz: Close Up at the Library), which leads me to:

The 2nd scene - April 11, 2018, Chicago’s Standard Club luncheon and Museum of Contemporary Art book signing by Annie of … 'ANNIE LEIBOVITZ PORTRAITS 2005 – 2016'.

The book is a remarkable collection exemplifying her talent of lighting, composition and most importantly, in portrait photography, the connection with her subject.

These quotes put the puzzle pieces together further:

A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”
-Annie Leibovitz

When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I’d like to know them. Anyone I know I photograph.”
-Annie Leibovitz

I don't want to wait another 20 years until I see her again. - Be Well.

More about Annie and helpful links:

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